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In a stuck?

Having trouble explaining yourself? Really, doing this is one of the hardest things one might do. Doing this is one way that we can discover ourselves, and learn to cope with our problems – or at least, that’s what I had in mind when I re-made the community for this purpose.
Talking about the workings of our heart and mind can be extremely challenging. Because of this, I’ve come up with some suggestions to help get you together. If you have any suggestions, too, please, feel free to put them out there. This is an open-minded and open-hearted community.
Some questions you can ask yourself… interpret them however you want to.
What do I think of the world?
What do I think of myself?
What about me do I like? What do I dislike?
What are my hobbies?
What are my hopes?
What are my dreams?
What is my favorite color? Why?
What are my favorite animals, and why is that?
Is there anything I tend to collect? Have I collected them on purpose?
What do I have a lot of?
What is my favorite subject?
What am I good at?
What are my strengths?
What am I bad at? Is it bad that I’m bad at them?
What are my weaknesses? How do I feel because of them?
How do I act around the people I love?
Why do I love about the people I love? What about them do I love the most?
What about the people I love makes me feel the best? Why?
Who is the person I love most in my life? Why do I love them?
What defines me?
What is my ‘style’?
What does astrology say about me? Do I agree?
What is my faith?
What is something simple I find heartwarming?
What is something I look forward to each year?
What is something that brings me joy on a daily basis? Why does it make me so happy?
Do I feel good about myself?
What do others think of me?
What makes me feel my very best?
What goals do I have in life?
If I could be anything I wanted, what would I be?
What is my favorite season?
What is my favorite food?
Am I a day or night person?
What is my personality type? What about me does this define?
Resources that can help you:
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator This is a personality type indicator. Theoretically, people fall within one of 16 personality types. You can discover your personality type for free on this website. For whatever reason, wikipedia has a surprising amount of information on myers-briggs personality types, but you might want to check out some other sources first. Also, taking other myers-briggs tests may help to ensure you have most accurately discovered your personality type.
Some related personality tests and thories are the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and Socionics.



December 2010

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