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vaultofnotion's Journal

+++ The Vault of Notion +++
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Welcome to the +++Vault of Notion+++ Community.

This community is like a book; something special that came to mind for me some time ago. This is a book of YOU and of ME, and of ALL OF US.
Don't get it?
Essentially, this community is a diary of your mind and your heart. Instead of writing about what's happening to you, it's an opportunity to explain to others and to yourself exactly WHO you are. That isn't to say events aren't important, too; but that sometimes, it can be good to take a moment, step back, and look at who you are inside.

Important to note:
#) It is suggested that only people ages 13+ (high school and up) join this comm; it is a mature adult community and not really intended for children. Also, I am not entirely sure that anyone below that age should be on LJ to begin with.

#) It is also recommended that members please try to type well. No one will hate you if you don't... I just think it's a good idea. No good to look back and not know what you meant, is it? Besides, it's good to practice writing well. (Or... I think so.)

#) Please put all full posts behind a cut. A small introduction or conclusion outside of the cut is a-okay; but most of these should be pretty long, and it might be a bit much to scroll through!

There are two different sections you can put, and you can feel free to put them into separate cuts, combine them, break them in to chapters, or organize them however you so please. You can make new posts, but I recommend that you not do this with every new addition. Editing your main post may be the easiest way to go.

MIND posts are posts about your thoughts or mind.
HEART posts are posts about your feelings and emotions.

Other Rules:
1) Never flame or disregard another person. This is a diary of souls; it's not something you have a right to muk about with. Be kind to others! They're showing you their innerselves; and inside, we're all beautiful people.

2) If you only want to post for yourself and don't actually want to share, you can put it into a cut and please label, clearly, in all caps, "PERSONAL". It should be considered by every member of this community at all time that PERSONAL posts are not something that they are invited to intrude upon.

3) If you want to put your post as friends only, put it in a fake-cut to a friends-locked post at your journal; or put it in a real cut and indicate clearly, "FRIENDS". If you feel a need to do so, indicate outside of the cut, a friendslist, which can be a link to your friends or a personally typed list.

4) NO SELF-HURTING! This community is here so that we can learn to love ourselves! The first step to appreciating anything is appreciating yourself. There's nothing wrong with being aware of your own flaws, but self-bashing won't help anyone, ESPECIALLY you.

5) If you're feeling down and want some encouragement, or are simply interested in others commenting, clearly indicate on your cut "REPLY" or "COMMENT". If you want people to read yours but don't feel they need to comment, then clearly put "READ" on your cut.

6) If anything else is thought of and needs to be put here, then it shall.

NOTE FROM THE COMM CREATOR: I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist or doctor of any sort. This is not a medical community. This is simply an idea I came up with that I decided might be good for myself and some others. I do not claim this will help you in anyway at all; it might not. I think that sometimes, though, it's good for us... anybody at all... to step back and look at who we really are... to take that... and use that as a basis to grow.